crossing the line?

With all the effort and money that goes into promoting a product or service sometimes I run into ads and all I can say is WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU THINKING?

For instance some products may be useful but there is no need to use real life models to show them.3257709478_00fdbf5312 Ads are supposed to catch your eye, interest you, and force you to some type of action.  I feel like a gag reflex is most likely not the reaction that these ad monkeys were looking for by doing this ad, but that is sure as hell what they got.


Dear Clearblue, I don’t want to see a pee stream on TV–sorry its just nasty.

This breast pump ad is almost laughable.  It is a hands free breast pumping bra and the ad is just too much.  Not only is this broad chatting on the phone, but she is also reading while taking care of her milk business. Gag.  Yes women have to take care of this but it doesn’t mean I need to see ads like this.  Ever.

This next ad was used to urge people to “atravesse na faixa” or look both ways while your crossing the road.  A bit harsh you think?  Talk about shocking, I feel like this might be a little much. (No really A LOT  much.)

a258_b1 The thought of little children seeing this ad really makes me sad.  Wow.  Okay it might be slightly entertaining to see their reaction.  Quite the way to make a point I suppose.  Not only is there a man splattered all over the front of this bus, but the windshield is cracked and there is a massive amount of blood surrounding his body. (Not that you can’t already see that)…I like the idea of pushing the limits but things get weird when you scare the crap out of little children.  Next stop, preventing teen pregnancy and saying no to drugs!  The ideas for those are just endless…

While this last ad is pretty hilarious I really don’t see the market appeal to anyone but 16-year-old boys— who can’t even buy cigarettes? Dumbasses…a276_a2

While it was actually banned– the short time that it did reach people I can’t imagine many people being intrigued by this ad, while it is perfect for a good laugh.  A human like cigarette box porno– showing them making it to third base and all at the same time trying to sell you cigarettes?  Yikes…


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