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February 19, 2009, 10:05 pm
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The Tool Academy has a new addition and his name is Frank Addante.

The self-proclaimed ‘serial entrepreneur’ is the face and CEO/Village Idiot of The Rubicon Project. An online advertising company of sorts, Frank really has made sure that he and all his work is all over the web.  Lets just say that Googling this man is short of terrifying.  He has no fear of cameras, home made videos, or slutting his information all over every blog, video posting, or networking site available.  Frank is so quick to talk about how many different websites have joined his service but really what I am interested in is how the hell he is even making any money.  That is what people care about, especially in the poor economic times that we are experiencing in the U.S.

The buzz that he wishes to create he does himself and is all just so desperate.  Being your own biggest fan is a sure way to create a buzz, but Frank my love– you are a buzz kill.  According to an online video interview with Dog and Pony, Frank is a 31-year-old college dropout, and the interview also shows off his lame Rubicon t-shirt that he wouldn’t be caught without.  This guy is clearly WAY into PR whether it be through self-promotion, constantly bragging and throwing around numbers, and babbling on and on about how great he is.

What I really would like to know is for how much bragging Mr. Addante does, where does he get the time to have his assistant film him in his ridiculous YouTube videos?  Plus keeping the very extensive and rambling blog that he has up to date.  Either he never sleeps or I am missing something.  In my personal favorite video of his, “Frank Addante from the Rubicon Project”, he not only signs autographs for a ‘fan’ he drives a Hummer with a tag hanging in the window saying, “SAVE OUR PLANET”.  How can he not see that his videos are annoying, plus they make him look like a complete joke.

My best advice for Frank Addante would be to stop making a PR stunt out of yourself and get back to work!  While I am hopeful that you have hit the pinnacle of your career, there may be time for you to change.  Cheers to you Frank, and here is another award for you to add on Wikipedia and make a video to post about yourself on YouTube, Congrats! –“The Most Innovativly Douchie Guy in Advertising.”



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